Public alert, Press release – Crime in progress

Pillar of the community Shanghaied by nefarious clan

Vicki Dailey Youngblood Savio

At issue is the well-being of special ed teacher extraordinaire Vicki Dailey Youngblood Savio

My wonderful loving true-blue wife of 26 years needed emergency life-saving surgery and had to be whisked off in an ambulance to Camden Clark Hospital 10 days before Christmas last. Unfortunately I’ve seen very little of her since. Surgeon Warner Wong told me that hers was perhaps the most precarious surgery that he has ever performed and that it’s remarkable that Vicki, at age 62.5, survived it. Vicki spent 10 days in the hospital and then 10 days in rehab at Health South, after which her doctors, of course, intended for her to go to an SNF (skilled nursing facility). But alas, Vicki got Shanghaied – taken to a filthy dump – and never made it to the SNF. As a result, she is still unwell, and is under bullyment to stay unwell and to never return!

Of course I visited Vicki at both Camden Clark and Health South, but Shelva Dailey visited her more. When it came time for my wife to proceed to the SNF, for which her insurance would have paid 100% of the bills for 90 days, it was not to be. Shelva had talked Vicki into going home with her. Vicki went to Shelva’s horrible crummy dog-feces-ridden house on the crag, whereat a hospital bed was brought in plus a bedside potty. Vicki can’t use the bathroom there because it’s a funky house and the john is up a half flight of stairs!

At the time of her Shanghaiing, I protested to the discharge nurse at Health South, but my pleas were overridden. Of course, the patient is permitted to make her own choices and can disdain the advice of her doctors if she so wishes.

For the most part, I couldn’t very well visit Vicki on the crag. But I did visit her twice and on two occasions had lavish bouquets delivered. I couldn’t visit her much because, at age 72 and a tad infirm, I can no longer confidently navigate the treacherous perilous steep winding deteriorated driveway to Shelva’s house on the crag. (Two manned vehicles have slipped off that driveway into the ravine over the years with, luckily, no serious injuries.)

It is now well over ten long months since Vicki’s surgery and now Shelva is trying to engineer a permanent separation between me and my beloved wife. She is poisoning Vicki’s mind. This is a clear case of interloping, senior abuse and perhaps wrongful injury to Vicki’s well-being. Aside from Shelva, three other adults of the unrelated Youngblood clan live there as well. Those are the devils who are really behind this conspiracy to obstruct! Those yay-hoo’s are too awfully busy to occasionally open the door for their dog Rosie to go out and poop so I usually see fecal piles (most recently, three) amassed in the living room. Vicki now beds in that living room! 

I disdain to give up my fight and continue to stridently plead for Vicki’s return. Her incision wound has healed over by now, finally. A same-floor bathroom and my undying devotion await her at home. I am loath to attempt visiting her on the crag but she and I are in somewhat regular-cum-sporadic contact. Divorce has been mentioned but there is no cause. Yet I am obviously very lonely and by now, at wit’s end. To make matters worse, Vicki has our small dog with her at Shelva’s, and refuses to share custody of our delightful poodle, despite the fact that Shelva has a friendly dog of her own. Shelva’s horrid creepy place is 68 Rector Road Parkersburg BTW. Hell, try driving up their wretched driveway. Look out!’s difficult to turn around at the top !! 

ken savvy, yo?